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Retcon - Boards Of Canada Complete KONTAKT MAC

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Retcon Boards Of Canada Complete KONTAKT MAC

Retcon - Boards Of Canada Complete KONTAKT MAC | 2.18 GB

Retcon is the natural evolution of the BOCS series. It pulls together all three previous libraries along with a massive amount of new content to bring you the finest collection of ambient inspired sounds.
More than just another sound library, Retcon is a uniquely designed virtual instrument that features a colour coded HEX layout giving you easy access to a wealth of controls. Designed specifically with ambient and synth music in mind. Retcon contains a host of powerful features built specifically for creating atmospheric, lofi, heavily modulated pads, leads, keys and plucks.

The centrepiece of Retcon is its custom 16 step chord sequencer that offers unlimited inspiration with it's unique approach to creating music.
Quickly build long evolving chord progressions up to 4 bars in length or program fast moving and otherwise impossible modern chord sequences.
With numerous features including legato/retrigger, latch hold, auto fade and 16 unique patterns all switchable via MIDI keyswitches there is enough power and control to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding user.

Retcon is an advanced sound design tool designed for the modern ambient and cinematic composer in mind. Taking obvious cues and inspiration from the revered Boards Of Canada Retcon goes much further by offering complete control to mix and manipulate the sounds therein. At the heart of Retcon is a dual voice wave-based architecture containing 84 unique patches which can be blended and controlled separately or in unison.

Retcon's feature set is split across six pages of 19 hexagon controls focusing on Voice, Filter, FX, Options, Modulation and Sequencer. Each page is carefully laid out and uses an easily identifiable colour scheme to make the experience intuitive and fast.

Designed specifically for use with the latest hardware from Native Instruments Retcon is heavily integrated with both Maschine and Komplete Kontrol. Featuring 130 snapshot presets with plugin mapping and seamless control for browsing and loading sounds.


The filters page gives you 3 different filters per Voice which can be dynamically changed using various LFOs and envelopes. Each voice can be filtered individually (Parallel) or together (Series)

The sequencer page is an advanced chord generator and pattern creator offering controls over the the Volume, Pitch and Chord of each step. Each patch can hold 12 unique sequences with additional controls for Latch, Fade and Retrigger modes.

The FX page gives you a huge amount of additional control to shape your sound


Over 1480 Samples
84 Analogue Patches
Dual engine design for blending two sounds together
Advanced Chord Sequencer
Komplete and Maschine Integration
130 Snapshot Presets
Compressed .NCW Files.
Animated background
User Guide

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